Friday, August 20, 2010

The Breakdown

This is me, Jordan Carver: outdoorsman, writer, and occasional night-life enthusiast. About now you are asking yourself, why the name "Culture Hound" for this blog? The answer is simple. Among the many definitions of hunting dogs and despicable gents, the word "hound" is informally defined as an addict or a devotee. So, to be a Culture Hound I can't think of a better place to live than in Southern California. California is saturated with culture. We have every form of culture you can imagine. We have underground rock concerts, celebrity-ridden clubs, and all the outdoor activities you could dream up in your recommended 8 hours. We get up as the sun rises and go surfing, snorkeling, wake boarding, snowboarding, hiking, or biking all before putting on a tie and climbing the corporate ladder. This exploration and addiction to culture and adventure is precisely what this blog is about; uncovering and more importantly experiencing all the culture that California has to offer.

So why me, right? What makes Jordan Carver think that he is the guy to do this job? Well, first off I don't expect to do this alone. I'm banking on others to help me hound out the more unknown cultures of California. Second, I'm not exceptional at anything I've done, but I have done an incredible amount of things. I've traveled to 14 countries at my early age of 24 and more importantly I've always remained open to any experience while in those countries. Saying "no" gets you no where, so why not live? Whether it's riding elephants around Thailand, climbing mountains in Africa to see Silverback gorillas, or bungee jumping off rickety bridges in Ecuador, life needs to be experienced. So, now it is time for me to hound out some California culture.

Out of all the things that I wanted to start with I decided I should start with an extreme sporting event; "The Tough Mudder." This mud-run is held annually in NorCal at the Bear Valley Mountain. It's a grueling 8-mile run through 19 of the most difficult obstacles that would make a weaker man tremble. The obstacles, including a 100-ft ice climb, a rope crawl over a freshly desurfaced river, and a run through a field of fire (YES, FIRE!), were all designed by British Special Forces. So, this event will take place on October 9th and I will be there to cover and experience the event.

I may put my pen to the paper (yes, I realize I'm typing) about another event or culture before then, but I will keep everyone updated on the extreme training that I'm putting into this as well. Until then, keep it cultured.

The Hound

Visit the Tough Mudder website:

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  1. nice! love the handle, culture hound. stoked on the new blog!