Sunday, August 22, 2010

B-boys Under the Balloon

The OC Great Park balloon is free
take up and gives a view of the
entire proposed park.
B-boy (noun) - a young man who is involved in hip-hop culture.

Most of us living here in Orange County have become familiar with the giant orange balloon that marks the spot of the eagerly anticipated OC Great Park. Even though it's completion is still years away, the OC Great Park refuses to wait for a grand opening to have fun. The OC Great Park has hosted parties, guest DJs, and incredible dance crews in a collaboration they call "Flights and Sounds Summer Festival."

Last night was a sneak peek of just how incredible the Great Park is going to be. The park, which will be the largest park in the United States at its completion, was honored to host "Last For One." These 10 South Korean dance prodigies lit up the stage with dance moves that put Newton's laws of gravity on trial. The B-boy crew has dedicated their lives to their art, and because I think that the term "dedicating one's life" is often under-rated or skimmed over I'll emphasize; they have dedicated their WHOLE lives to dance. The ten members took a risky gamble of pursuing dance over excelled education, much to the dismay of many of their parents. Packing themselves into a small apartment like sardines, the crew danced from dawn until post-dusk for 8 years; insert Rocky Balboa-esque montage. In 2005 all the sweat, blood, and concussions paid off when the crew took first place over Japan in Battle of the Year (The World Cup of breaking). The crew now travels all over the world breaking for large audiences and leading b-boy dance classes. Their travels have led them all over Asia, Europe, Africa, and last night brought them to the OC Great Park.

"Last For One" slid, flew, spun, and even slam dunked on the stage for an hour and a half. My hands literally hurt from clapping; every single head-spin and impossible slide demanded applause. I could keep writing about how great they were, but it's a pretty visual thing, so here is a video from their victory in 2005 to quell your eager appetites:

Alright, well I hope this got you as pumped up as it got me. When asked about b-boying, one member from Last For One said, "It's like the engine in a car, I cannot move without dancing." It's easy to see that these dance-floor gurus have the b-boy culture flowing through their veins.

Until next time, keep it cultured.
The Hound

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  1. "dance moves that put Newton's laws of gravity on trial." bahahaha, man i wish i was there!